Dream of the Four Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse and events

from 2-13-15

I dreamed someone came over during the day because they were in pain and needed assistance.  When they came to the door I realized how dark it was outside.  I asked them “Why is it so dark outside?”  They shrugged it off saying it was the clouds.  I went to the back door and walked outside.  I saw a large patch of clouds moving curiously fast across the sky.

As I looked above the clouds, I noticed there were 4 blood moons all eclipsing at the same time.  Was it already the date for the next blood moon?  I thought that was in April?!  But sure enough – there were 4 moons all going through a lunar blood moon eclipse.  Then I saw there was one giant solar eclipse.  That was the main eclipse.  It was huge – in the sky it looked to be 10 times larger than the other lunar events.  It was nearly impossible to miss.  It was eclipsing.

At the same time, there was oddly a Simpson episode being projected on the sun.  No one else thought it odd.  Everyone by now, though, was watching the eclipses – everyone stopped in parking lots to watch.  The Simpson episode reflected war, and human atrocities. It showed these events on the giant eclipsing sun like a movie, and the sun was the projector screen. Then it was done.  The solar eclipse was still in tact though.

Then I realized a friend arrives at our house to pick up the kids.  I had nearly forgotten I was supposed to be teaching preschool.  I asked her if she had seen the blood moons, and she seemed to have no idea.  I told her to watch when she drove home, though she would be driving in the opposite direction.  Then I pointed outside to her that not only was the blood moon going on – but all the planets were aligned and in conjunction.  There they were – side by side by side.  Then a comet/shooting star type things appeared in between the planets aligned (but above) and the moon.    So we had all signs in the sky – sun darkened, moon turns to blood , planets aligned, and stars falling from the sky.

Someone commented that was watching these events that it must be some kind of fake trick “they” were pulling.  The planets did seem to have a more fake look to them as did the strange comet/stars, almost like a painted backdrop.  But all these signs together did seem to be some kind of pivot point – could NOT be ignored.



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