economy, Lord's calendar

Economic collapse dream involving Lord’s calendar


I dreamed I was driving by cannonball (a local street) and had remembered I had dreamed when the economic collapses were going to be.  One was not the 11th of Sep 2015, but a few days after  that because people expect the 11th but it won’t be then.  That was the 1st blip.  The 2nd blip was Sep 28th I believe.  There  was one more day with something significant like that.  I was with some rich people getting shampooed with fancy white robes on, and told them about the dream and when the economic collapse would be.  They looked way alarmed.  They didn’t want to give up what they had.  I seemed almost cheerful about it.  There was a disaster movement everyone was getting involved with which involved technology – seemed like a slap on the face to rely on that – not human.

INTERPRETATION GIVEN:  The context of this dream was given to you because of your apprehension and nervous feelings but also exhilaration about this month (Sep 2015).  The elements of this dream reflect the state of reference of the governments, the economy and the context of which heaven operates.

The first date of your dream as you called it,  (Sep 13) which falls on Rosh Hashanah,  reflects the first big slide in which the economy will suffer a blow As you know my Son was born on this day, not the one people think He was born on.  He would that people remembered Him on this day.  Since they won’t remember Him in Solitude through prayer,  may they remember Him in Judgement on this day.

The “next blip” or “2nd blip” is the state of the fracture enlarging her windows and the permanence setting in to the people on this day – Sep 28 (2015), unless something will change by reflection of mankind and its choices under heaven.


The next blip as you called it reveals the startling nature of my judgments for some, but for others will be a new glorious dawning of a New Era.  Those that are in cahoots with the Lord (meant tongue in cheek and with a smile) will be given plots of glorious visions and revelations as the New Day begins for them the Lord has sought out and hunted and fished and pruned and digged and cared for with all His might.  He would that all of His children might be saved but there will only be a few humble followers of Christ to enjoy this day.  At first.

Then momentum will shift in time and those who were behind in their understanding will grow beyond the bounds of their chained minds and grow in the glory and understanding of God with all His might.  He will lead the children to safety and show them The Way, the Truth and the Light through the Savior Jesus Christ.  It may not be in the way everyone has imagined for themselves, but it will be glorious for many who will truly hearken to My word in all things.  The glories of the gospel are many and in this the Lord would have you proclaim through your blog all that He encompasses and is and testify boldy in His name, Power and Might as He would give unto you. Go forth and proclaim this message, though many will scoff and scorn.


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