The Solar Eclipse Sign at Adam Ondi Ahman



We decided to go to both Far West and Adam Ondi Ahman to watch the Solar Eclipse.  Adam Ondi Ahman means literally “Adam in the presence of the Father.”

Far West, MO got solar totality of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  Adam Ondi Ahman was 23 miles further north and would get about 1 – 1.5 minutes less totality so we stayed parked in Far West, another dedicated Holy spot where a temple was dedicated, but not realized.  However, we felt like we still needed to catch the partial solar eclipse at Adam Ondi Ahman with some strategically timed driving.

Adam Ondi Ahman is a bookend of very special, sacred events.


D & C 107:53-57

“Three years previous to the death of Adam, he called Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, and Methuselah, who were all ahigh priests, with the residue of his posterity who were righteous, into the valley of bAdam-ondi-Ahman, and there bestowed upon them his last blessing.

And the Lord appeared unto them, and they rose up and blessed aAdam, and called him Michael, the prince, the archangel.

And the Lord administered comfort unto Adam, and said unto him: I have set thee to be at the head; a multitude of nations shall come of thee, and thou art a aprince over them forever.

And Adam stood up in the midst of the congregation; and, notwithstanding he was bowed down with age, being full of the Holy Ghost, apredicted whatsoever should befall his posterity unto the latest generation.

These things were all written in the book of aEnoch, and are to be testified of in due time.”



“Daniel in his seventh chapter speaks of the Ancient of days; he means the oldest man, our Father Adam, Michael, he will call his children together and hold a council with them to prepare them for the coming of the Son of Man. He (Adam) is the father of the human family, and presides over the spirits of all men, and all that have had the keys must stand before him in this grand council. This may take place before some of us leave this stage of action. The Son of Man stands before him, and there is given him glory and dominion. Adam delivers up his stewardship to Christ, that which was delivered to him as holding the keys of the universe, but retains his standing as head of the human family. “(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p.157)


Adam Ondi Ahman was likely dedicated as a temple by Joseph:   It is referred to as temple Adam Ondi Ahman here: http://ldschurchtemples.org/adamondiahman/ .  If Adam dwelt there and built an alter, then possibly it was ancient sacred ground as well. A Temple possibly?  Sacred ground in the beginning, and sacred ground in the end.


Also Sacred in the fact that the LORD HIMSELF came to Adam and His posterity there in the beginning, and will come again at that last great meeting between the Lord, Adam, and all the dispensation heads in the end..

It felt like a book end or a chiasm to be there.  What is first shall be last and what is last shall be as at first.


To my astonishment, we saw a massive dead cow by a small pond in one of the smaller valleys right before the larger valley of Adam Ondi Ahman.  It was being devoured, eaten, partaken of, by 12 large vultures.  We counted SEVERAL times.    We just parked our car along side it and watched it being devoured.

I felt a statement was definitely being made by the Lord.  But what?

I don’t often see massive, as in one of the largest I have ever seen, cows that are just dead in the middle of nowhere, by no other of its kind, in the middle of all places, Adam Ondi Ahman, DURING a HUGELY symbolic time, a SOLAR ECLIPSE.  An event in nature by itself is interesting and can be communication.  But the unique and rare timing combined with the location demands some attention.


The only place i could find “bull” and “vultures” together was in Isaiah 34, which the entire chapter is about the 2nd coming and the judgments.  I had been previously shown the solar eclipse, which I mentioned earlier in the blog, is foreshadowing wars, atrocities and judgments to all mankind.  And of course the number 12 is symbolic all through scriptures, often in reference to the 12 tribes, 10 of whom remain “lost”.

Given the very different energy and vibration in the air from the moon (symbolic of Mother) hiding the light of the son (symbolic of the Father)  on this Nationwide Solar Eclipse that “all flesh could see it together” (in this nation), this chapter stuck out to me like an elephant in the room.

Isaiah 34:

For my sword shall be bathed in heaven, behold, it shall come down upon Idumea (Joseph said this was the name of the earth), and upon the people of my curse, to judgment. The sword of the Lord is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness, and with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams, for the Lord hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Idumea.

And the reem shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls, and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness. For it is the day of the Lord’s vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion… But the cormorant and the bittern shall possess it, the owl also and the raven shall dwell in it, and he shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness. … and it shall be a habitation of dragons, and a court for owls. The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow, the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest. There shall the great owl make her nest, and lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow, there shall the vultures also be gathered, everyone with her mate.




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