My rebaptism and sacrament experience

Baptism is a key in any age to impart the wisdom of God by doing our part to show Him we are willing to take his name upon ourselves.  Some of my ancestors who crossed the plains in the 1840s were rebaptised anew to show God they were starting anew in Him.

I was told the following in my journal in September:

You have a great work to do in this the last dispensation  of times before the Redeemer comes to reign on the earth in His house of Glory forevermore.  The great work to do is manifest when you take on the decision to bring you forth into the waters of baptism.

  How do I do this Father? No one lives around me that I’m aware, and I don’t want to leave anyone in the dark.

You will do as discussed.   I will send someone who can baptize you in My name.  You will have no worries when the time is right, it will fall right into your lap.  You will know as they will be in your community.  

Should I be baptized soon?

Yes, be rebaptized as soon as possible to start anew in this dispensation I have named.  

(And yes – God does talk in complete sentences!  My favorite part of prayer is after I have been on my knees, then I let Him know what I want to have a conversation about.  I go to to my computer and write it out as I hear Him.  Words will come to my head and I write them down.  Then I go back over it quite often sentence by sentence to make sure I wrote it down.  When I don’t write it down correctly, I can usually feel something isn’t quite right – a dissonance.  When I delete it and listen again and rewrite, it has a rightness to it when I have listened correctly.  )

So onto the baptism…I was hoping and prayer my husband by a miracle would be ready to baptize me.  I plead and prayed, but Father told me he wasn’t ready yet.  And an opportunity did indeed fall right into my lap.  Someone who drove in for a “Jedi” training in my area was driving 4 hours where I live to meet up with the person who baptized me, who lived 7 hours away.  I was the middle ground, and the invitation was extended for me to be baptized.  I prayed every day, sometimes a couple times during the day to make sure this was the right path, the right time, the right place.  Father completely confirmed only TWO DAYS before the baptism.  But it did indeed happen exactly as Father promised me – from someone in our eclectic far flung and sporadic online community.  He is surely good at miracles, as I am the ONLY one that I know of in my entire state to be baptized, and to have an opportunity right here where I live was amazing!

Here is what I wrote in my journal on that cold DECEMBER day:


Today started out like any other.  I had been told to read Matthew I believe 17 last night, AND I had just watched a Living Scriptures cartoon with my kids about Nicodemus and being born again, and going with the romans guards 2 miles rather than just one, etc.  THEN this morning on the way to be rebaptized I heard that SAME CHAPTER on 91.9 FM!!  I have NEVER heard scriptures read on the radio before so I couldn’t believe it almost – SO apropos – and on a SATURDAY with that SAME chapter.  Heavenly Father is so fun sometimes!!

Then I realized today when I got baptized was only a hours before the winter solistice!  That is symbolic that we got baptized just hours before the light will begin to overtake the darkness again!  It was also a new moon, symbolizing a new beginning.  So as it is written in the skies, will it be in my life.

It was 31 degrees and snowing when we laid out a towel on the walkway right in front of the Fox river and partook of the sacrament with grape juice mixed with fermented kefir water (homemade cultured wine) and a real loaf of bread  I am grateful it was not 20 or below like we frequently got last winter.  xxxxxx drove in from Minneapolis area, and it seemed like I should know him.  xxxx and I had met at Jedi, and his wife xxxx and their two girls were there.  We were kneeling on a towel and blanket .  We knelt for the sacrament with open arms, which felt SO GOOD to do!!!  And we ate until we were filled.  I think I took thirds for bread.  We had to drink from the same cup because there was only one cup-a nice crystal glass.

There were a couple dog walkers and strolling couples who walked by us, right on the ledge of the xxxx river before it descended 10 feet or so to the actual river bank and river.

Then we got down to go into the water.  I was jogging in place to get warm as I was already very cold with a coat on!  Then xxxx and xxxx went first.  Snowflakes fell softly and sparsely here and there.  There was a giant chunk of ice right where we walked into the water.  We had to walk about 25 feet from the shore in the frigid water to get the right depth.

After xxxxx was baptized, he came back towards the shore and then xxxxxx his wife went.  She handled it very well, took it in stride.  I took pics of both.  Then it was my turn.  As I frozenly walked through the water towards xxxxx, I told him my name before getting to him to make things speed along.  He has already been there frozen for two baptisms so I didn’t want him to be in the water longer than needful.

There were sharp rocks below our feet.  The impact of the cold water on my head was crazy cold.  I was so cold I let out several huge heaving loud gasps of air, and tried to walk so fast to the shore I tripped on a large chunk of ice.  I was so cold was shivering and couldn’t get to my towel fast enough.  I somehow made it into the nearby bathroom and felt a bit better as I couldn’t any longer feel my legs.  I joked with Father(and apologized) multiple times that I didn’t wait around to hear their voices of have the Holy Ghost descend upon me or notice any cool signs because I was so cold!

I got dressed and tried to warm up with my wet hair – I wore the wet towel on my head to keep me warm.  I did feel clean though – and I still feel clean.  I honestly didn’t even realized that my sins were forgiven me again!  For some reason the only thought that had crossed my mind was to show Father and Mother and Jesus that I am recommitting myself to them in a new dispensation.  And I wanted it to be a shield and protection for me and my family.  I didn’t even consider I was forgiven of my sins until later today unbelievably.

The only wistful thing about today is that I didn’t feel like I could tell a soul really.  No one but God, Mother, Jesus , his wife Mary and the angels and my ancestors (hopefully) could rejoice with me, and possibly those on our community facebook group.  I didn’t even get a picture.  Oh well,  I know it happened, God knows it, and I can write about it.  So that is my solace this night.  I rejoice that I could be rebaptized unto the Lord to recommit myself to Him.  I pray the tongue of angels can come upon me, the gift of prophecy, and those gifts that come unto those who are baptized unto Him!

I asked Father what his thoughts were on my baptism:

Father what things would you have me know about the baptism today?

The baptism this day was beholden in My name, as it was done before you,as in many times of Old.  Daughter, I am well pleased this day as you have chosen to serve me despite the odds of having no one near you, despite the odds of freezing temperatures,  despite the fact that no one will bear favors or hold a party for your commitment, nor will attend, but it will be the means by which will get you into heaven.  A man must be born again by water if He is to be saved.  Yes, for all new dispensations. 

Was I truly forgiven my sins?

 Yes Daughter you were completely forgiven of your sins and I will remember them no more. 

Will this be a protection for me and my family? 


How so? 

It will shield and protect from the evils and dangers that may befall you.  For in the hour the destructions of the evil one will come, you will be protected and guided away from dangers, and yes for you and your little ones and yes your husband.