Prayer with the equinox & opening to heaven

alex grey collective visionThere is something about praying during the equinoxes. The Heavens seem more open than they normally do.  Something shifts in the fabric of time, and we are open to receiving more.  The Heavens seem to give more as the energy shifts down from above through a greater opening onto us.

Can we learn from those who came before us, just what can happen during the equinoxes?  Joseph Smith was visited by Moroni every year during the autumnal equinox in September.   Why would he be visited then?  Could it be that Joseph’s soul was most primed during the autumnal equinox?  Could he better receive things into his mind during that equinox?  Could the brain patterns change during the equinox in such a way as to align more with the Creator?  Is time and space a pattern that can cross each other in a specific way that lends to our spiritual capacity?

The vernal equinox marks that moment when the sun crosses the CELESTIAL equator going from south to NORTH.

I did not realize the vernal equinox came very early this year.  It was the earliest vernal equinox since 1896 according to

I had just learned how to make cheese the past couple of weeks, wanting to get back to the roots of how to make things.  I had just made a batch of mozzerella cheese from raw goats milk and had 2 gallons of whey that I wanted to put to good use.  I discovered I could make ricotta cheese with the whey.  I stirred this giant vat of steaming whey monitering the temperature every 2 minutes or so, waiting for it to get to 180 degrees without going over.

Of course, being the multitasker I am, and seeing as it was already 11:08 PM, and knowing I have a nursing baby that I hoped and prayed would sleep until 6 or 7 AM, I thought I would pray between temperature readings.  It was actually an awesome prayer as I knelt in the kitchen on our faux tile floor.  Sometimes I find praying the same place you can fall into ruts – like  sleepiness.  Sometimes a new environment is a good thing to make it a fresh prayer.

Well, I was overcome with a perfect knowledge that I was to receive a message from the Lord.  This had never happened in this way before.  I am accustomed to going to the Lord with questions and writing down what I am told, but I had not ever been told “Daugther I have a message for you.  Write it down.” Which is essentially what happened.  I was not expecting or anticipating it.

Having just completed casting out, shielding up, making sure the conduit was pure before I had starting the mid-cheesemaking prayer, I poured the whey and ricotta into a strainer bag and hurried to my laptop to type out the message word for word as I heard it from Father right on the nose of 11:30 PM.  Such things that I wrote I had never considered before, or thought of.

Well, I just wrote it all down with complete awe!  And gratitude!  And thanks! And wonder!  The Lord is so amazing.

I then was surprised the next day at the chiroprator’s office as I felt this gigantic NUDGE to see when the equinox was.  I checked thinking it had to be the next day – I usually remember it being around 3-21.  Well, it had been on March 19 at 11:30 PM CST, which was EXACTLY the moment I began writing the message from the Lord.  He sure does work in amazing ways!  I am still in awe.  He had an addendum message to me the following night – which was still before the 24 hour mark of the first message. There was also a Part C, for which I felt like someone had stuck a wrench in the equinox heaven/earth/time/space conduit just for me to receive fully what I needed to, even though the peak moment had passed.

Father Abraham was given quite the lesson stars, planet, TIMES OF RECKONING, and SET TIMES and so forth in Pearl of Great Price chapter 3:

5 And the Lord said unto me: The planet which is the lesser light, lesser than that which is to rule the day, even the night, is above or greater than that upon which thou standest in point of reckoning, for it moveth in order more slow; this is in order because it standeth above the earth upon which thou standest, therefore the reckoning of its time is not so many as to its number of days, and of months, and of years.

6 And the Lord said unto me: Now, Abraham, these two facts exist, behold thine eyes see it; it is given unto thee to know the times of reckoning, and the set time, yea, the set time of the earth upon which thou standest, and the set time of the greater light which is set to rule the day, and the set time of the lesser light which is set to rule the night.

Could the equinoxes be a “time of reckoning” of their own?  Could they be a kind of “set time” for certain things to take place? Could the Lord work through certain times when our bodies, minds, and spiritual clocks are more patterned after that from which we came?