The Lord sure knows His baseball!


I have been praying and praying for my husband to fully awaken and shake off the shackles, the scales in his eyes, and remove the stakes, the false traditions, false paradigms, etc.  I could sense he had put up a wall to wanting and learning more.  I could sense he thought that I only thought deeper things of God were important and didn’t value the same 12 things we focus on in church each week.  I prayed and prayed to the Lord – and He being the awesome God that He is, gave me this awesome metaphor to share with my husband, in a dream.  Did I mention my husband LOVES the game of baseball – most of his website hits and to Bleacher Nation and ESPN each night.  And apparently the Lord SO KNOWS my husband.  I LOVE how the Lord works.  He is amazing!


I likened the gospel to a baseball game.

I said, “When you are a coach, you want to make sure that the first, 2nd , 3rd basemen and shortstop are good (those being faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost).  (Those are usually my husbands favorite players.)

But, I said, that doesn’t mean you ignore those players that are in the outfield.  They are just as important and become increasingly VERY important.  (outfield being baptism by fire, calling and election made sure, 2nd comforter).

If you have a ball that goes way out there, you wouldn’t want to ignore them, but make sure they are in place.  Just as the gospel – we want to make sure that we have the main bases covered.  But we don’t want to ignore the things that are a further reach for us.  If we don’t have the main bases covered, those will not seem as important.  But once we have those main bases covered, it becomes increasingly vital that we have coverage for those things that will stretch us.

The opposing team (Adversary) doesn’t want us to have ANY of them covered.  He would love to catch the outfield unaware and slip something past us.  The adversary has people (bad spirits) in place, and they listen to their Coach. But our team is the winningest Coach (Christ) The coach (Christ) will direct us as to what players need work, which ones need to be shifted in order of importance at the time.  The coach will let us know what strategies the opposing team is going to utilize so we will have things in place.  The coach is necessary to help run the game – without Him, things would fall apart.  They would not run smoothly, good decisions would not be made, there would be chaos.

If the players can hear and understand the coach, and follow His directions, follow the steps and strategies he has laid out, it will be not only a good game (life meriting some degree of glory) but we can make the play offs and win the championship (exaltation).  We need to have our eye single to what the Coach would tell us, and our eyes on the prize (eye single to the glory of God).