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A Sister’s Conversation about D&C 1835 and Lectures on Faith

D C 1835

I was with 2 of my sisters and having a very interesting conversation.  We had been talking about how much light the 1833 Book of Commandments vs 1835 D & C vs current 1981 D & C contains.  Feeling how much light something or someone has is a very important part of the gift of discernment.  Someone or something can have a great facade, great deeds, great talk, great representation, great respect, and great actions.  But if we can’t differentiate what is REALLY going on, then we WILL be deceived in the last days.

Matthew 24:24 NLT

For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones.

I have learned to distinguish the light and/or truth something emanates. Upon asking the Lord, the answer I receive was that the first two were 99.8%, 98%, and 56/57% respectively.  Quite a difference.   My youngest sister (We will call her Sister 1) upon praying got something similar, though she had asked in a different way.

Same pattern though – most light and truth in the Book of Commandments (1833)

VERY close second in the amount of light and truth in the D &C (1835)

Much less light and truth in D & C  (1981- the current version.)

Though you have to take this source with a grain of salt – CLICK HERE to see what has been either added to or removed since the 1835 version.  Makes my gut wrench.

So we were explaining to my next youngest sister  (We will call her Sister 2) the differences were the Lectures in Faith that were originally THE DOCTRINE of the Doctrine and Covenants and how that was taken out in 1921.  Sister 2 seemed very alarmed with the information.  It did not fit into her paradigm.

Sister 2 commented in a nervously defensive, though shocked voice, “Why would the prophets take something out and change it if it were important?”

We discussed how things had been changed since Joseph Smith and how he is the Dispensation head and the other presidents of the church were just marking time.

Then Sister 1 who is spiritually sighted, calmly but abruptly says to me, “Joseph Smith is right here, he is nodding at everything you are saying.”

I didn’t notice that until she said it, then I sensed him there.  I thought it was so amazing he would consider it imporant to come to our 1 AM discussion.  I said to him , “Nice!  High five, fist bump!” (Hopefully that was not disrespectful!)  I felt like this discussion is very important.  I want to have that discussion with EVERYONE!   Everyone needs to know that some of the truth were TAKEN OUT of the original D & C and have been doctored to engineer a certain way of thinking about things.  Many things were also added by Joseph’s scribes that were not part of the original revelations.  The Joseph Smith Papers do a great job and showing these differences.

Check HERE AGAIN to see the original Statement on Marriage that was in the original D & C and was replaced by    D & C 132.  I’ll take the original Statement on Marriage, thank you.

“Inasmuch as this Church of Christ has been reproached with the crime of fornication and polygamy, we declare that we believe that one man should have one wife, and one woman but one husband, except in the case of death, when either is at liberty to marry again.[12]

Sections 137 and 138 were added to the LDS Church’s 1981 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants.  There have been no new revelations as part of the  D & C since 1918.  This should also be telling.  We need to ask the Lord, seek Him out and ask why.

I will say for the record, upon reading D & C 1835 version, it has a very different feel to it – very differently structured, and full of light and truth.  I highly recommend it! I purchased my copy HERE.  Also can be purchased in Nauvoo at some of the bookstores.

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Lessons from the Lord – Spirit, Light, Energy, Matter; Learning for the Last Days

D&C 76:12 By the power of the Spirit our eyes were opened and our understandings were enlightened, so as to see and understand the things of God—

(If this isn’t your thing, no worries, just skip this post). I was taught these lessons over a month.

Lessons from Jesus

I asked the Lord to teach me about energy.  I have felt I needed to understand it more as the last days progress.  These lessons took place over the period of 1 month.

Lesson 1

images (1)

I was allowed to “play with” energy tonight in prayer.  I just asked “Jesus, can you teach me about what you want me to understand about energy” (implying how to work with it and understand it how HE wants me to). Jesus had me change a circle with triangle components into a big triangle, then into a square, into a rectangle, and then change the color several times, and then make it like a pancake – then put it around my heart or over my heart – kept those connecting (like spiritual magnets) triangle subcomponents about them.

**The lessons of the Lord can change or morph over time depending upon our understanding, stage of life, circumstances.  He is the consistent component in and of all things, though our understanding of His workings and dealings will develop into great things with our deepest thought and a ponderous mind.

Lesson 2



Jesus let me play with energy balls tonight – I gathered negative energy up and gave it to Him.  After several of those I gathered energy balls of light – mostly from the conduit to Heaven and made them big then small – then gave some to him and some put on my neck and heart as He led me to do.

I also saw my request to heaven go in light energy balls from my hands to heaven.  I asked about this – it was to alert the angels who were to fulfill this, what the request is.  I sensed it coupled with God’s will automatically so they received the message in its fullness and intact.

Lesson 3

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Last night in prayer I asked Jesus to teach me a lesson in energy.  He gave me blue healing lightning bolt energy in my hands.  I was told it was healing energy.  I was given this to have with me. I watched it radiate lighting bolt type of energy in between my two hands.  I watched it go from more faint electric blue to very electric blue.  I asked Christ to put His energy into the this healing energy and saw it streaked with white light – similar to the blue streaks but it was of greater light, of more potent, and more encompassing.  It filled the area in between my two hands.

Jesus what else can you tell me about it?

“This is healing energy will relieve your many injuries to you and your loved ones.  It can release toxins and bad energies once it has been restored in your body.”

How does it get restored?

” It needs time to rejuvinate in between uses.”

How much time?

“Depends on your spirituality and how in tune and how obedient you are.  The more in tune with Me and My will, the less time it will take to rejuvinate.”

You let me experiment a little.  What will be the best way to use this?

“Hands on touch will be best, followed by remote healing.”

So do I need to ask to use it?  Yes.

And have your healing energy power it?  Yes.

And so I need to be a clean “hollow bone” then?  Yes in order to use it correctly.

**I was given to understand that any healing must originate with Him and He must be part of the equation to truly give relief.  We can add the idea healing to the following scripture below, as long as it is in an through the Savior.

Matthew 25:35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

Lesson 4:

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Today in prayer I asked Jesus to teach me a lesson in energy again.  He gave me white filmy substance.  Like a spider web in a way – but thicker and closer together, and silkier.  I asked what it was – He said a “shawl of obedience.”  I asked what I was to do with it.  I asked if I should put it on?  Yes. I was told.  So I was led to put it around my body so I would bit inside it.  It went around my body like a plastic thin bubble.  It was very sticky – like that blow up bubble thick stuff that you can buy at the dollar store and put the bubble on a stick.  I double checked to make sure this was of Him because it seemed so odd to me and I was told – yes.  Then I asked if I was to breathe it into myself.  “Yes.”  Then I asked Jesus to shine His light through it.  Now I felt like I understood – it was shining, shimmering and projecting and emanating light everywhere. Rays of beautiful white and golden white light projecting outward filling up the space.

Jesus what can you tell me about that?

“It was meant to show you how obedience can grow  your light in Me until finally My light is in you, emanating forth, for you are part of Me and I of You.  Through your obedience to My will, laws and commandments, you will shine at a greater rate and higher frequency because you have take Me as your guide.  That light will shine forth until no man can take that away from you.”

Am I wearing it still?

“Yes, but not as bright as during the lesson.  But yes you have a lesser version.”

**Lord says, “Through me you can learn to shine through the darkness in all things.  You can learn how to eminate your light that comes through me.  Without me, your light is dim and can hardly shine through the darkness.  But in and through me you can accomplish those feats that were prior to unfathomable.  Giving all glory to God for your appetite (for spiritual things) and learning that you may profit thereby.”

D&C 131:7 There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure

Lesson 5:

hand with energy rainbow

I was given planes of energy stacked like dominoes – thrown from one hand to the other.  They were blue.  or balancing them in a rainbow and shuffling the planes from hand to hand.

I did something similalry with water looking substand (plasma) before.

**The Lord does things in layers.  What looks like dominoes were meant to symolize the layers in which He accomplishes things.  Whether its creation, working with us, teaching us lessons – they each needs layers and layers of energy, spiritual energy, glory, manifestations, planes of learning, growing from one level of understanding to the next.  He grew from grace to grace, as do we need to do the same.

John 1:16 For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.

Lesson 6:

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I was given an arch of light from one hand to the other.  The Lord made appear a small object on one side of the arc and I had to use the energy to propel it to the other side of the arc.  Once I got the first one across it went into my other hand.  Then another object appear slightly larger than the first.  I had to use the energy to make it go across the arc again and into my hand where the arc of light inserted.  The Lord did this 6 more times and each time the object got bigger.  Some of them looked like small doll figurine size.  The last one was very large – it looked like the size of a small goat – looked to be an animal of some kind by appearance.  That seems crazy when I write it but that is what the Lord wanted me to master is going from propelling smaller energies to propelling larger energies across an energy plane.  The last one took a lot of concentration and was slow and sloppy.  Finally it got there.

** This is how Faith works, gaining control over the elements like the brother of Jared to move a mountain – he hard to start small – with stones, and work his way up to producing the faith necessary to move the mountain.

Lesson 7:

images (1)

Tonite the Lord showed me a figure 8 going from hand to hand.  I observed it and realized the Lord wanted me to straighten it out.  I kept having to twist and contort my hand to have them be parallel bands of light  – though these looked more metallic in nature.  I knew the Lord wanted me to figure out how to straighten the metallic bands of light without contorting my hand.  After experimenting for awhile, I realized I had to contort my hand to hand HIM the straightened band of light so I could straighten my hands out to be parallel again and then He gave me back the bands of light.  They looked a little out of whack and the Lord showed me I needed to hone them into clean lines of light.

**This was a lesson to me with symbolism.  As we try to create, hone, beckon, or weild – we MUST GO TO THE LORD.  Of course always asking permission and His will, but it is through HIM that we can use our gifts to become what they need to be.

Lesson 8:


Tonite in my lesson I was shown a rainbow arc between my two hands.  There were animals spaced throughout the rainbow – panda, lion, tiger, bear, penguin – in total 8.  I thought it looked like a rendition of several Noah’s ark art I have seen here and there.  I was given powerful energy hooking these two ends of the rainbows inserting into my hands.  I asked , “Lord, what do you want me to do?”  He wanted me to keep up with His directions.

  1. He had me move the animals from one end of the rainbow to the other
  2. He had me move the entire rainbow with the animals from one hand to the other – bouncing them inbetween like throwing a small ball from one hand to the other
  3. He had me connect the rainbow to His hands. I felt the energy flow from my hand to His hands – the energy between our hands grew very strong.
  4. He had me connect the energy to Him in various ways – I was trying to keep up. At this point I expressed I had no idea what the purpose of this lesson was – He put the impression on me and spoke, “To  follow  My directions.”  “Oh, ok.  That makes sense.” I responded.
  5. Finally He had me give Him back all the contents of the rainbows and animals all into His hands. he replaced the energy with a golden energy between our hands flowing and moving and encapsulating the air between our Hands.

download (5)He seemed delighted as I remarked how cool it was.  At these points I could see everything better with my eyes closed because I could concentrate.  Seeing with your spiritual eyes you can “see” things with eyes closed or open.  Depending on the circumstances, your gifts, your talents, your inner workings of your brain, your pineal gland strength and so forth.

**In these lessons the Lord was trying to convey to me that His instruction in all our gifts is paramount.  We may master any gift of the Spirit but if it is not done in His command, in His way, in His manifestation, it is for naught.  We will have to rely more upon our gifts of the Spirit as the last days progress.  Our very survival will/may depend on it, depending on what your mission is.  We will need to be very creative with our resources and our gifts, both for ourselves, but especially for others.

** Ask HIM what needs to be done.  Ask HOW it needs to be done.  Ask for His direction.  He may give you one step to follow and He may give you several depending on how developed your interactions with Him are.  He may give you several directions at the same time, or wait to give you another step as you mastered the previous step.  He will work with you WHEREVER you are at, if you are open to His instruction.

Moroni 10:18 And I would exhort you, my beloved brethren, that ye remember that every good gift cometh of Christ.


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Volcanoes and Judgment of God upon the land

The Lord told me to post this one:


I dreamed I saw a volcano in Peru that I sensed rumbling and shaking.  I thought it might be going off soon.  I told a friend and we went exploring around it.  It didn’t seem as high or steep as I would have imagined.  We explored at night.  We could see that the crater was filled with magma. When we hiked back we told a native girl about its she was with some animals.  We made friends and exchanged cooking tips.   I knew the Peru volcano was tied to Yellowstone.  If the Peru volcano went off, so would Yellowstone.  We looked at Yellowstone – it was starting to erupt fire.

INTERP:  When Yellowstone volcano erupts, it will be because the world is in judgment.  This volcano will create havoc in Idaho, the northern part of the US.  The volcano will usher judgment upon those who professed to know me but their hearts were far from me.  The Peru volcano that you saw is a rendition of those volcanoes that will erupt in due time.  They are all connected to the ring of fire which has a network of energy below them.  When one is activated, the others receive their energy from the ones erupting.  It is like dynamite triggering each other to echo and go off.  They have stayed at bay in the past because my will, my hand has stayed the reaction intended for the cleansing of the world.  This is not part of the fire of the world to take place, but a precursor to those events worldwide that will usher in the 2nd coming.  The Peru volcano is tied to Yellowstone, but not in the way you perceived in your dream.  It is linked in a way that they both will be part of the judgment upon the land – linked in purpose

(What about the fire  I saw in the craters, Lord? )

These personified that prophecies given to the world are about to take place shortly.  You will be there to witness them as I wreak havoc upon the land in judgment.  For my children have displeased me in great measure.  Though there are those that are true followers of My will.  In them will I have my recompense as they come unto me.